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For decades, reflective tape has played a major role in enhancing night time visibility and safety. It has saved countless numbers of lives since it was invented in the 1930’s.

Reflective tape or sheeting is also referred to as retro-reflective in that it collects and returns light back to the source of that light.  In other words, no matter which direction the light comes from, the reflective material collects it, focuses it, and returns it back to the light source. (often an automobile or flashlight) This is done via glass spheres that act as parabolic mirrors or through man made prisms that bounce light back to its source.  In our article titled “How does reflective tape work” we show you how the tape is able to do this.

Retro-reflective tape is used voluntarily all over the world to allow objects to be seen at night.  There are also government regulations that mandate the use of retro-reflective tape in certain situations.  These include the :

We have included diagrams, pictures and videos to help you understand how this amazing product works and how it helps us every night to get where we are going safely.  If you wish to purchase some reflective tape we have a wide variety at www.tapedealer.com .