Reflectivity Specifications – Most Common Types of Reflective Sheeting

Specifications for the Most Common Reflective Tapes – (

There are several types of reflective sheeting.  Engineer grade is the most common and is known as a type 1 film.  Super engineer grade is a type 2.  High intensity is the brightest glass bead film and is a type 3.  The first prismatic film is a type 5.  The brightest film is a type 8 and is often called crystal or diamond grade.  We have charts on each of the films below.  Exact intensities will vary by manufacturer but the charts below are a good guide.  Also, please note that the Type 3 High Intensity chart also defines observation and entrance angles.

Type 1 Engineer Grade Reflectivity Chart

Type 2 Super Engineer Grade Reflectivity Chart

Type 3 High Intensity Reflectivity Chart

Type 4 High Intensity Prismatic (HIP)

High Intensity Prismatic Reflectivity

Type 5 V82 Prismatic Tape (thin tape)

Type 5 Reflective Tape Specs

V98 Oralite Conformable Prismatic (slightly thicker than V92/V82)

orate v98 reflectivity specifications

Type 8 Crystal / Diamond Grade Reflectivity Chart (thick stiff tape)