Flexible High Intensity Reflective Tape – SOLAS Alternative

Flexible Stretchable High Intensity – Alternative to SOLAS Reflective Tape – (www.tapedealer.com)

Flexible high intensity reflective tape is a glass bead product that utilizes a polyester topcoat to allow the tape to stretch and conform to flexible surfaces. Some examples of these surfaces would be a traffic cone, a road barrel or a kayak. Also, rain suits and zodiacs.

The flexible high intensity tape is a type 3 or otherwise know as an ASTM 4956 -03 tape.  It uses high index beads that are encapsulated in a honey comb pattern.  This renders the tape about 3 times more reflective than standard engineer grade or type 1.

The best feature of the flexible high intensity type 3 tape is its ability to stretch.  If a traffic cone or road barrel is hit by a car the tape will rebound with the object it is on.  Thence its other name “reboundable reflective tape”.  There are a variety of application where this ability to stretch comes is desirable.  Curves surfaces such as a helmet can be striped with this material since it will stretch and lay down.  Other stiff tapes will not work on complex curves.

We call this a SOLAS alternative because there are some manufacturers who use this type of tape as SOLAS tape.   It is very bright for a glass bead tape and will flex in marine applications.   It would be just like a SOLAS glass bead tape but without the SOLAS logo on it.

We have more information on this tape – Solas Alternative Reflective Tape .