Reflective Dots & Shapes for Diamond Plate – Free Sample Pack

Free Samples – Reflexite V98 Reflective Dots, Circles, Overlays (Appliques) and Chevron Strips. (available at

When a fire truck or emergency vehicle pulls up to an accident scene, cars approaching from the rear need to be able to clearly see the vehicle. Applying reflective dots to the rear of the truck or trailer solves this problem. Creating striped reflective patterns on diamond tread plate can be a challenge.  However, this process is made easy when you use reflective dots, circles, rounded squares, overlay panels or our newest product, chevron strips.  The application of these shapes is very simple.  Just peel, stick and press on.

Before you begin the task of making diamond tread plate reflective we suggest you let us mail you a “free sample pack” of the 3/4″ circles, rounded squares, octagons and overlay panels.

To order, simply email  and ask for our Diamond Plate Sample Pack.

Our reflective shapes can be ordered at .  By getting the samples first you will be able to inspect the material and will be able to test it on your diamond plate to insure a proper fit.  This is especially important with the overlays and chevron strips.

Fire Truck Reflective Dots

Reflexite V98 Conformable Prismatic Sheeting is a highly reflective and extremely durable material.  It is the newest and most advanced reflective sheeting on the market.  The Reflexite V98 sheeting is conformable, re-positionable and cleanly removable.  It is a  patented single layer metallized prismatic film and therefore does not need to be edge sealed and will not delaminate.  Other brands are made in layers and begin to delaminate over time.  Reflexite V98 reflective sheeting will not.  Because of this we only recommend Reflexite films by Orafol.